About Us

bright red clay in our vineyard in Chatham County North carolina. Mineral rich FireClay Cellars planting Chadonel

Our Name

Our name, FireClay Cellars was chosen to represent the bright red clay in our vineyard. Mineral rich, deep, and well drained soil provide the perfect conditions for producing flavorful grapes.

Harvest Season NC wine at FireClay Cellars Vineyard and Winery

Our History

Farming and grape growing were always an essential part of our family roots. This tradition continued when we discovered land for growing healthy vines in 2010.

Making Cabernet Franc rose at FireClay Cellars NC wine and vineyard


The art of making wine has a long history–originally grapes were fermented in clay pots, submerged in the ground. Today, we use stainless steel tanks and oak barrels to produce our fine wines.

Harvest Season NC wine at FireClay Cellars Vineyard and Winery


Hard and meticulous work in the vines are the foundations of making a great wine. We harvest as early as possible in the morning to preserve the quality and aromatic properties of the grapes.

“To truly capture the essence of the vineyard one must stand still among the vines and feel the warm sun that ripens the fruit and to listen to the soft wind that whispers through the rows.”